We are specialized on all aspects that have to be considered when international 

companies start their business activities in Germany . 





  • Landing service - your first steps in Germany

  • Assistant - Virtual P/A Service (up to 24/7), Translation

  • Incorporation Service to found your company

  • Mandatory Registrations 

Our support for you starts even before you come to Germany for the first time. We can help you to pick the most convenient accommodation and pick you up from the airport. You will not get lost and don’t need to worry about traffic rules and signs in German language.

Especially during your initial settlement period in Germany you require support to organize your daily business life. Someone who can instantly help you and who has experience in all relevant tasks of a personal assistant. It is important that this person is familiar with German conventions and habits.
The Service can be provided on a full-time basis with stand-by option, or can be offered part-time whenever you need it. This can be a cost efficient option for you.
Once you’re in full operation with your company you can decide to either continue this service or hire a permanent member of staff. We can support you in the selection process.
We can also organize a translation service from German into English and/or your mother tongue. This service will be provided by a selected partner, but we will provide the administration as a one-stop service.

In order to select the best legal form for your company in Germany you require professional legal advice. Our legal partner in Germany will advise you on all aspects, considering your current legal status, providing you the best option and explaining the differences and potential impacts of his recommendation.
He will fully guide you through the official foundation and registration process until your company is successfully registered in Germany.

Once a company is founded there are a number of mandatory registrations required. You need to have a business registration with the local authorities (Gewerbeanmeldung), as well as a registration in the public register (Handelsregister). This is normally orchestrated during the formal set up process with our legal partner and a notary.
You also require to be registered with the tax authority and get a Tax number for turnover tax. Here we recommend our Financial Services package in cooperation with our tax counselor.
Dependent on your new company’s legal form you might need to be a mandatory member of the Chamber of Commerce.
The same applies with the membership of the statutory accident insurance (Berufsgenossenschaft). We help you with that.




  • 着陆服务 - 开始您在德国的第一步

  • 协助- 虚拟个人助理服务 (24小时不间断), 口笔译

  • 成立公司协助服务

  • 工商注册服务 













  • Location & Real-Estate - Co-Work, Offices, Shop, Show room, Construction site, Warehouse

  • IT & Communication - IT infrastructure, Cloud, Phone, Internet & Hosting, email

Your company needs a home.

Depending on your business mix you might require only a small office or co-work spaces at the beginning. Whilst we can immediately provide you with co-work space for a quick start we can also scout for adequate office space in a location that is ideal for your individual business.
Whether you later need a show room, plan to open a shop, require a warehouse or a large production site, we will help you to get the best deal.
We know the locations, the particularities in the Real Estate Business and work with reliable Real Estate Partners in Germany.

IT and Communication is very important for a fast set up, start and growth of your business processes. IT consulting is one of our core services and expertise. Whether you require hardware, data center space, a cloud solution, internet & hosting facilities, email, phone (landline and mobile phones) you are in good hands with us.



  • 公司选址& 房地产产业 - 共享办公, 办公室, 商铺, 展示厅, 建筑地盘, 仓储库房

  • IT & 通讯 - IT 基础设施, 云计算解决方案, 电话, 互联网和托管, 电子邮件





IT和通讯对于新成立公司业务的迅速发展极为重要。 IT咨询始终是我们提供的核心服务之一,在这一领域我们极其具备专业知识和丰富的案例经验。无论您需要硬件设施,数据中心空间,云计算解决方案,互联网和托管设施,电子邮件或电话(固定电话和手机),我们都能为您提供最一流的服务。


  • Financial Services - Accounting/Annual statements/Taxation

  • Banking & Insurances - Account/Credit cards/Loans/Insurances

  • HR Services - Contracts/Salary management/Social Insurance/Recruitment of staff

  • Digital Services - Digital Marketing (e.g. websites) / Digitalization of Processes

  • Mobility – Travel, Company Car

  • Events Service - Fairs & Exhibitions, Meetings, own events

  • Project Services - Management & Support

From day one of your operation in Germany you are liable for your financials. Depending on your legal form you require books and records and need to publish annual statements. This has to be done in accordance to German law and legal requirements.

You also need to ensure that your monthly tax reports and tax payments are made in time to avoid trouble and fines.
We recommend to outsource this, especially during the starting period in Germany. We work with a highly reputable partner in Germany and can also provide services to support this outsourcing.
To protect your new firm you require a few company insurances. This is certainly dependent on the size and type of your business operation. We help to organize this.

Human resources is a particularly difficult field for foreign companies. Dealing with employees requires expertise and especially a good knowledge in all legal and cultural aspects of the German employment landscape.
We are familiar with all types of employment models, can provide tailored employment contracts. We know how to source staff and are familiar with the individual financial packages for specific roles.
Not only that we can source candidates, we can also pre-select and interview them. We can cover the whole process from A-Z.

HR also comes with a large number of administrational processes. Whether it is the correct calculation and payment of the salary cycle or all kind of registrations, reports or interaction with the individual social insurances. For an initial period we recommend to also outsource this service to the tax counselor. We help to ensure this outsourcing agreement will work smoothly and can act as a single-point-of-contact at the beginning.
HR has so many topics that require to be covered, even as a small company you have to comply with German law. Whether it is the administration of your staff’s holiday and sick leave requests, the need to write references or in the unfortunate event to terminate an employment contract, we can deliver support.

We also run a Digital Marketing Agency that can help you regarding your German website and online presence, including the build of an inbound marketing strategy.
One of our products is the digitalization of processes for SMEs. If you have a need for this …

When you decide to have a company car we can consult you in the best package for your needs. We also help you to apply for a valid driving license in Germany, once you have moved to Germany.

Events can be a very important success factor for your new business. Whether you plan to visit fairs and exhibitions or even exhibit with your company, we can help to organize this.
We are also experts in organizing company events for customers. If needed we can cover everything from invitation, to catering, the event location, speakers or experts etc.
In our co-work location we can also provide attractive meeting rooms for client meetings or workshops. We offer different sized rooms for up to 18 people, including beamer, flipcharts and catering if needed.

If your new company requires support for your German or International projects we are able to provide you with qualified Project Managers or PMO staff – another of our core businesses.


  • 金融服务 - 会计/年报/税务

  • 银行 & 保险 - 账户/信用卡/贷款/保险

  • 人力资源服务- 合同/薪资管理/社会保险/人员招聘

  • 数字服务 - 数字营销 (例如: 网页) / 过程数字化

  • 出行– 商旅, 公务车

  • 活动策划- 展会 & 展览, 会议, 公司活动

  • 项目服务- 管理 & 支持














各类宴会活动会是影响生意成功的重要因素之一。 无论您是计划参观展会/展览还是准备在展会上宣传您的公司,我们都可以为您提供协助。在组织商务宴会活动方面,我们也格外擅长。根据您的需要,从发出活动邀请,到提供餐饮服务,再到活动选址以及组织活动代表发言等,我们都可以提供全方位服务。


在我们的协同办公地点,我们可以为您提供最佳的会议和Workshop场地。我们可以提供最大容纳18人的,包含投影, 白板等全套设备的会议厅。如果您需要,我们也可提供餐饮服务



  • Registrations & permits - work permission/VISA, driving license local administration, power supply, TV services (GEZ)

  • Private taxation

  • Insurances - e.g. health, liability

  • Bank account

  • Accommodation - search, contract, registration etc.

  • Interior

  • Cultural training

  • Language courses

  • Kids - Kinder Garden, International School

  • Shopping Service

Your staff that is sent to Germany requires help in a lot of aspects of their daily life. They need adequate accommodation where they feel comfortable. There is a bureaucratic jungle in order to get things going and a German administration that is sometimes not easy to deal with.

In order to avoid a culture shock we can provide cultural training, help to select language courses and are there whenever they need translation or help in conversations with German counterparts.
If your staff feels comfortable and enjoys their new life in Germany it will positively reflect on your business performance of your new established company

对员工 & 个人提供的个性化定制服务

  • 登记 & 许可- 工作许可/签证, 德国驾照, 用电申请, 电视服务 (GEZ)

  • 个人报税

  • 保险- 例如 医疗保险, 责任险

  • 银行开户

  • 住宿- 帮找房子,住房合同, 人口登记等.

  • ​办置家具

  • 德国文化培训

  • 德语课程

  • 孩子 - 幼儿园,国际学校

  • 购物协助




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